The Gallery x Connor Trimble

The Gallery x Connor Trimble

Connor Trimble is a Hawaii-based photographer and cinematographer who captures breathtaking imagery ranging from adrenaline-rushing swells on the storied North Shore to impassioned social justice movements. Originally from Ohio, Connor now calls Honolulu home where he spends most of his waking hours chasing waves and climbing mountains to get the perfect shot. Through his work, Connor seeks to capture the dance between man and nature; ever in search of the right moment, whether it is the stillness before movement or a mid-motion reel. Connor’s prowess in visual storytelling evokes emotion and wonder, transporting viewers to worlds witnessed by few.

"There’s something beautiful, poetic and romantic about being able to stop time with the press of a button. Each moment is fleeting and will never happen again but there are infinite ways to capture it with different camera lenses, angles, and lighting, which leaves endless possibilities for growth as an artist." 

A former competitive swimmer of 17 years, Connor’s work is inspired by his love affair with the ocean and natural landscape. When he isn’t busy filming big wave surf champions or traveling the world on assignment, he can be found surfing, free diving, or hiking Hawaii’s many lush trails.





This series was inspired by the stock market craze of 2021 from Crypto, to Game Stop and all the hype in between. This paired with the race by the elite to get to space made it fitting for a fun space man series. 2x 18U National Longboard Surfing Champion John Van Hohenstein, or more commonly known by his Instagram name @Johnny_The_Ripper is the man behind the helmet making it look all to easy at Queens surf break in Waikiki.

Behind the man in the space suit... "Hello! My name is John Michael Van Hohenstein, also known as Johnny the Ripper. I am 18 years old and I am a professional longboarder from Oahu Hawaii. I was born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii. I picked up my first surfboard when I was 6 years old, and haven’t set one down since. 

I have been surfing since I was 6 years old and have competed for longboarding in California and Australia and hoping one day to compete across the globe. I won back to back competitions in 2018 & 2019 for the USA Surfing Championship, as well as competed in World Surfing League in 2020. I am currently one of the top 40 long boarders in the world, and am on my way to number one."



BLM Paddle-Out Series


The pictures that I took during the Black Lives Matter Paddle-Outs have garnered a lot of attention and I’m so appreciative of all the love they’ve received and continue to receive.

When I was first told about the protests, I wasn’t sure what to expect. See, in Hawaii, a paddle-out is used traditionally as a sort of memorial service. Friends, family, and community members will paddle away from the shore to form a circle in the water, holding hands and gathering to celebrate the life and legacy of those who have passed away. I had never before seen it used as part of a movement. 

But the events of May 25th sparked a fire across the country. The recent news of George Floyd’s murder amped up the already growing tensions over police brutality across the nation. Knowing the history of the paddle-outs and then hearing about how it was going to be used as a form of peaceful protest piqued my interest. The surf community has always seemed to be relatively hands-off. I find it intriguing to see such little diversity in the lineups I’m shooting despite the fact that surfing is a sport that was created by people of color. Not only was I moved to take action against the most recent displays of violence, but I also wanted to participate in something that would bring awareness to racial injustices in my own community. By crazy chance, I’d torn the labrum in my shoulder the day before while surfing and wasn’t able to paddle out comfortably. The best way I knew to participate as an artist was to capture the moment for other people to cherish, which I did with my drone. After seeing the positive response from the first paddle out on a Friday evening, I was invited by the organizers to photograph the following two on Saturday and Sunday. 

It was amazing to see how many people showed up over the course of the weekend in such a beautiful display of solidarity. Getting footage from the drone really made it that much more impactful as you see the number of people who participated, sitting hand in hand, paying tribute to the lives lost and holding space for the voices that still need to be heard. 

While documentation of events like this is needed to spread a message, I wanted to also donate a portion of proceeds from my prints directly to the #BlackLivesMatter movement to distribute and use as they see fit - hopefully helping to put an end to systemic racism and inspire change. Through researching the horrific history of racial injustice worldwide and especially in the U.S., one of the issues that stuck out to me most was voter suppression. This led me to donate to Black Voters Matter. 



Best Sellers

The reaming prints are a collection of some of my best sellers of all time. Whale shark images from Indonesia, so beautiful wave images taken right here on Oahu. 


 Thanks for checking out my work, I really appreciate it. Please send over an email with any questions: