Instagram Reels Size Guide

Instagram Reels Size Guide


Social media has always been a tricky game to play because of its ever-changing algorithms and features. I've looked to others for tips in the past and I'm hoping to pass on the knowledge I gain to you! There is one problem I have ran into recently and I'm hoping I can help some of you avoid the same struggle I had. With the emergence of Tik Tok this past year, Instagram has been pushing their Reels feature - often rewarding short form videos significantly over any other type of content posted. This obviously is to try and get people to stay on the app and off of Tik Tok. So how do I keep my grid looking nice while simultaneously creating more Reels?? I struggled for a while, but I think I have finally found the solution!


So, without further ado, I've made a tool for you to overlay in your video editing software to use as a guide! I now use this every single time I make a new Instagram Reel and it's been a huge help for me. I hope this is able to help up your Reel game as well!

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  • stz gists

    Instagram Reels really took the world by storm all of a sudden they gain popularity overnight and till now Instagram Reels is still going strong, all my children are on Instagram Reels they even sleep and wake on this app the owners must be making a shit ton of money.

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