Welcome to the Waterlog

Welcome to the Waterlog

Hi there, glad you made it here! I just wanted to give a quick intro on my life into blogging and why I started The Waterlog. 

First off, behind the name.

I started swimming lessons at just 8 months old, started competing in swimming at age 4, became a 4 year All-American and state champion in high school, and finally finished my competitive swimming career at 21, competing D1 for the University of Hawaii at Manoa. As you can see, I have always had a love for the water. But when I made the leap of faith to go from Ohio to Hawaii for college, I absolutely fell in love with the ocean - harder than I ever could've imagined. My life revolves around the water for work, pleasure and everything in between. So I’ve been waterlogged (dictionary definition is saturated with or full of water) my entire life, and don’t plan on having it change anytime soon haha! 



This is a chance for me to give you a look behind the camera for once; a way to give some insight on my most frequently asked questions. As a Hawaii-based photographer and videographer originally hailing from Ohio, I believe I have a pretty unique perspective and would love to share what I can.

I’ll be providing tips and tricks of the trade, the stories behind my prints, creative assets and wallpapers, work updates, and guides for all of the wild places I’ve traveled. The Waterlog will be a mix of personal stories and informative pieces but all with a laid back and authentic approach. I never want to beat around the bush with you and I promise to always keep it real. 

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