Connor Trimble


Connor Trimble is a Hawaii-based photographer and cinematographer who captures breathtaking imagery ranging from adrenaline-rushing swells on the storied North Shore to impassioned social justice movements. Originally from Ohio, Connor now calls Honolulu home where he spends most of his waking hours chasing waves and climbing mountains to get the perfect shot. Through his work, Connor seeks to capture the dance between man and nature; ever in search of the right moment, whether it is the stillness before movement or a mid-motion reel. Connor’s prowess in visual storytelling evokes emotion and wonder, transporting viewers to worlds witnessed by few.

"There’s something beautiful, poetic and romantic about being able to stop time with the press of a button. Each moment is fleeting and will never happen again but there are infinite ways to capture it with different camera lenses, angles, and lighting, which leaves endless possibilities for growth as an artist." 

A former competitive swimmer of 17 years, Connor’s work is inspired by his love affair with the ocean and natural landscape. When he isn’t busy filming big wave surf champions or traveling the world on assignment, he can be found surfing, free diving, or hiking Hawaii’s many lush trails.


Clients include: